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Cylindrical Power Capacitors

Providing you the best range of cylindrical power capacitors and cylindrical industrial (mpp) with effective & timely delivery.
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
  • Cylindrical Power Capacitors
Cylindrical Power Capacitors

Cylindrical Power Capacitors

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

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TerminalsCage screws.
Case MaterialRecyclable aluminum.
Dimensions (DxH)90x417mm.
EarthEarth connection on the enclosure fixation.
AltitudeUp to 2000m.
Tolerance On Voltagea30% for maximum 1 minute.
Protection DegreeIP20.
Minimum distance above unit20mm.
Temperature Range-25dig C / +55dig C (class D according to IEC 60831).
Frequency50 and 60 Hz.
Tolerance on Capacitance0% / +10%.
ExecutionIndoor use only.
LossesLess than 0.2 Watt/kvar (dielectric only)., Less than 0.5 Watt/kvar (including discharge resistor).
Net Output PowerFrom 12.5 to 30 kvar.
Voltage RangeFrom 380 to 600 V.
ColorRaw aluminum.
WeightApproximately 3kg.
Discharge ResistorDischarge from Un to 50V in 1 minute.
Maximum Permissible Current1.3 x In for continuous operation.
Fixing1 stud (M12).
Power Quality is a major concern to all size of business, be it industrial or commercial. It impacts energy usage costs, pollution levels and CO2 emissions, equipment failure, malfunctioning and lifetime reduction but also maintenance costs. The ABB QCap will help to improve the Power Quality of low voltage installations by addressing poor power factor issues.

ADD Qcap Capacitor Answers Customer Needs:
  • Reliability: customers can easily become victims of poor quality capacitors made with non-capacitor grade-film. ABB strict selection of raw material and its first class capacitor film ensure QCap a high reliability.
  • Quality: ABB low losses design decreases capacitor temperature and increases the lifetime. The optimized thermal dissipation will prevent the premature failure which is not uncommon with many low quality capacitors.
  • Safety: at the end of its lifetime the capacitor must disconnect itself safely. The ABB designed overpressure disconnection device guarantees a safe disconnection.
  • Consistency: a constant quality over the time is most often a challenge for manufacturers. It‘s the reason why ABB is testing 100% of the products with criteria surpassing international standards.


The QCap is the cylindrical power factor correction capacitor
based on ABB‘s latest technologies and developments. This is
the result of more than a century of knowhow on electrical engineering and 70 years expertise on capacitor technologies.


Requirements To Make A Good Capacitor:

To make a good capacitor is not so easy as it seems. ABB, as
one of the pioneers manufacturing the first metalized Power Factor correction (PFC) capacitor, believes in seven requirements
to make a good capacitor.

ABB’s PFC know-how lies in several decades of accumulated
expertise and experiences.

QCap‘s top class performances are not only guaranteed by ABB‘s
technology innovation but also ensured by mastering the manufacturing process

  • Best performances of the capacitors thanks to ABB top class polypropylene film
  • Stringent and unique tests procedures
  • Products 100% tested with criteria surpassing international standards
  • Quality controls from raw material inspection to finished products packing.
  • Continuous improvement of the manufacturing process.


Top Class Raw Material:

ABB has been always very selective on the film supplier. We
advise the world top class polypropylene suppliers to manufacture
the film according to ABB specifications which guarantees the
best performance.
  • Polypropylene (PP) film is the primary raw material to make dry capacitors. Its quality is one of determining factors for a dry capacitor reliability and lifetime.
  • There are thousands of different PP grades in the market. Even the capacitor grade films vary in properties like impurities, consistent thickness and thermal behavior.
  • ABB has vast R&D experience in PP film with more than four decades of dedication in this field.
  • The ABB PPMZ (Zinc metalized PP film) guarantees top capacitor quality and long lifespan.


Abb Low Losses Design Means Higher Reliability And Longer

The following features have been included in the capacitor design in order to reduce the losses to a minimal level:

  • Top class capacitor grade film
  • Optimized ABB metallization profile to minimize the electrodes losses generation
  • Optimized metal spray
  • Low loss elements interconnection
  • Optimized film width to minimize the current resistance

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  • Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)
  • Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)
  • Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)
Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)

Cylindrical Industrial (MPP)

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PhaseThree Phase
Power5 to 50 Kvar
Voltage440/525/690 V


  • Self healing type, IS - 13340/13341
  • IEC 60831-.1


  • Cylindrical (Alluminium Can type)
  • Jelly Impregnant for proper cooling
  • Pressure disconnector
  • Explosion Proof Design
  • Heavy edge metallised Multilayer MPP Film
  • Working expectancy life 1,00,000 hour
  • Compact, easy to install across motor

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