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Power Capacitor

Our range of products include lv capacitor qcap abb make, lv capacitors qcap-l, app power capacitor, capacitor duty contactors, phicap capacitors and square cap capacitor.
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
  • LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE
LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE

LV Capacitor QCap ABB MAKE

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Product Brochure

ColorRaw aluminum.
Voltage RangeFrom 380 to 600 V.
Case MaterialRecyclable aluminum.
Fixing1 stud (M12).
Dimensions (DxH)90x417mm.
WeightApproximately 3kg.
TerminalsCage Screws.
Minimum Distance Above Unit20mm.
EarthEarth connection on the enclosure fixation.
ExecutionIndoor use only.
Temperature range-25dig C / +55dig C (class D according to IEC 60831).
AltitudeUp to 2000m.
Frequency50 and 60 Hz.
Protection DegreeIP20.
Net output powerFrom 12.5 to 30 kvar.
Tolerance On Capacitance0% / +10%.
LossesLess than 0.2 Watt/kvar (dielectric only)., Less than 0.5 Watt/kvar (including discharge resistor).
Discharge ResistorDischarge from Un to 50V in 1 minute.
Maximum Permissible Current1.3 x In for continuous operation.
Tolerance On Voltage30% for maximum 1 minute
Power Quality is a major concern to all size of business, be it industrial or commercial. It impacts energy usage costs, pollution levels and CO2 emissions, equipment failure, malfunctioning and lifetime reduction but also maintenance costs. The ABB QCap will help to improve the Power Quality of low voltage installations by addressing poor power factor issues.

ADD Qcap Capacitor Answers Customer Needs:
  • Reliability: customers can easily become victims of poor quality capacitors made with non-capacitor grade-film. ABB strict selection of raw material and its first class capacitor film ensure QCap a high reliability.
  • Quality: ABB low losses design decreases capacitor temperature and increases the lifetime. The optimized thermal dissipation will prevent the premature failure which is not uncommon with many low quality capacitors.
  • Safety: at the end of its lifetime the capacitor must disconnect itself safely. The ABB designed overpressure disconnection device guarantees a safe disconnection.
  • Consistency: a constant quality over the time is most often a challenge for manufacturers. It‘s the reason why ABB is testing 100% of the products with criteria surpassing international standards.


The QCap is the cylindrical power factor correction capacitor
based on ABB‘s latest technologies and developments. This is
the result of more than a century of knowhow on electrical engineering and 70 years expertise on capacitor technologies.


Requirements To Make A Good Capacitor:

To make a good capacitor is not so easy as it seems. ABB, as
one of the pioneers manufacturing the first metalized Power Factor correction (PFC) capacitor, believes in seven requirements
to make a good capacitor.

ABB’s PFC know-how lies in several decades of accumulated
expertise and experiences.

QCap‘s top class performances are not only guaranteed by ABB‘s
technology innovation but also ensured by mastering the manufacturing process

  • Best performances of the capacitors thanks to ABB top class polypropylene film
  • Stringent and unique tests procedures
  • Products 100% tested with criteria surpassing international standards
  • Quality controls from raw material inspection to finished products packing.
  • Continuous improvement of the manufacturing process.


Top Class Raw Material:

ABB has been always very selective on the film supplier. We
advise the world top class polypropylene suppliers to manufacture
the film according to ABB specifications which guarantees the
best performance.
  • Polypropylene (PP) film is the primary raw material to make dry capacitors. Its quality is one of determining factors for a dry capacitor reliability and lifetime.
  • There are thousands of different PP grades in the market. Even the capacitor grade films vary in properties like impurities, consistent thickness and thermal behavior.
  • ABB has vast R&D experience in PP film with more than four decades of dedication in this field.
  • The ABB PPMZ (Zinc metalized PP film) guarantees top capacitor quality and long lifespan.


Abb Low Losses Design Means Higher Reliability And Longer

The following features have been included in the capacitor design in order to reduce the losses to a minimal level:

  • Top class capacitor grade film
  • Optimized ABB metallization profile to minimize the electrodes losses generation
  • Optimized metal spray
  • Low loss elements interconnection
  • Optimized film width to minimize the current resistance

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  • LV Capacitors QCap-L
  • LV Capacitors QCap-L
  • LV Capacitors QCap-L
LV Capacitors QCap-L

LV Capacitors QCap-L

Rs 90  / PieceGet Best Price

Product Brochure

Voltage (V)415/440V
Range (kvar)1-25
Frequency (Hz)50
Connection3 phase as standard construction
Discharge ResistorsIn-built as part of the capacitor
StandardsIn compliance to IS:13340/41 & IEC 60831-1&2
EarthExtruded stud, Earth connection on the enclosure fixation
Mounting PartsThreaded stud at bottom of can (max. torque = 4Nm for M8 & 10Nm for M12), Mounting Bracket At Rear
ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people. ABB delivers the full value chain in low, medium and high voltage technologies for electrical power transmission, distribution and usage. ABB has been driving development in the field of Power Quality for over 70 years and is responsible for several important developments in reactive power and filtering technologies. Today, ABB is recognized as a leader in Power Quality, partnering with its customers to define optimal solutions for their system.

  • Three phase
  • Self-healing technology
  • Naturally air cooled or forced cooling

Quality Capacitors For Power Factor Correction:
  • Applications such as motors, transformers, induction furnaces, welding and lighting installations consume both reactive and active power, resulting in reduced availability and lower quality of power. This translates into lower capacity utilization and eventually additional capital and running costs.
  • ABB with its cutting-edge technologies and extensive experience has developed a wide range of advanced Low Voltage (LV) capacitors, which offer simple and cost effective solution to improve power quality and reduce costs.


Product Design:

  • ABB’s low voltage QCap-L series capacitors consist of a number of wound elements and a dielectric made of metallized polypropylene film. These dry windings are provided with over pressure disconnector for safety. The capacitor elements are treated in vacuum to ensure optimal electrical characteristics. Each winding is encapsulated in thermo-setting resin to obtain a perfectly sealed element.
  • The QCap-L series LV Capacitors are available in cylindrical & box type models.


Product Key Benefits:

  • Dry type design - The QCap-L series capacitor has a dry type dielectric which minimizes risk of leakage and environmental pollution
  • Very low losses - Dielectric losses within the QCap-L series capacitors are very low and total losses including discharge resistors are less than 0.5 W/ kvar
  • High reliability - The use of robust terminals minimize the risk of damage during installation and reduce maintenance requirements
  • Accredited with International standards- The QCap-L series low voltage capacitors are IS: 13340/41 and IEC 60831- 1&2 compliant



  • Dielectric: Polypropylene film
  • Dry PU resin; non-PCB (1 to 4 kvar) in normal duty
  • Soft PU resin; non-PCB (5 kvar up to 25 kvar in normal duty)
  • Container type: MS sheet metal
  • Elements placed inside a metal box, delta connected internally
  • Provided with discharge resistor


Typical Applications:

  • For power factor correction in indoor applications


Cylindrical Type - Normal Duty:

  • 1 kvar to 4 kvar (415 V & 440 V): Fast-on terminal
  • 6.3 kvar to 25 kvar (415 V & 440 V): Screw terminal


Cylindrical Type - Heavy Duty:

  • 1 kvar (415 V): Fast-on terminal
  • 2 kvar and above (415 V): Sigut terminal
  • 1 kvar and 2 kvar (440 V): Fast-on terminal
  • 3 kvar to 25 kvar (440 V): Sigut terminal


Box Type - Normal Duty:

  • 1 to 4 kvar (415 V & 440 V): Wire type terminal
  • 6.3 to 25 kvar (415 V & 440 V): Stud type terminal


Box Type - Heavy Duty:

  • 1 kvar to 25 kvar (415 V & 440 V): Stud terminal

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APP Power Capacitor

APP Power Capacitor

Rs 1,500  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Product Brochure

Power5 to 100 KV Ar
Frequency50 Hz/ 60Hz
I deal in5 to 100 KV Ar
Life ExpectancyUp to 300000 Hours
SafetyInternal Fuse Provided
LossesLess than 0.5 W/KV AR
Rated Voltage415 - 525 V

APP Capacitor is proven technology from more than 30 years. The combination of polypropylene film and aluminum foil makes the capacitor, more robust in varying conditions of the load. The power range varies from 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr and voltage range varies from 240V to 1000V in three phase units. Single phase units are also available on demand. The LT-APP capacitors are utilized in industry for sustaining large load variations, THD and hazardous conditions. With high qualitative manufacturing process, LT-APP capacitors offer higher life expectancy.


Automated PFC Capacitor banks.

Fixed PFC (e.g. – Motors,

Transformers lighting etc.)

Group compensation for larger load variation

Tuned and detuned Capacitor

Dynamic PFC and RTPFC

Filter applications

Product suitable for outdoor application, available on request.


Extended foil design Maintenance free

Low Energy consumption

Natural air cooled.

Voltage range, 230, 415, 440…1000V

Output range 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr


Single phase and three phase

Life expectancy 150,000 hrs. at STP

Pulse current withstand capability – 300 x IR

Type tested according to IS –13585

Low temperature rise. 


Maintenance free


Internal fuse provided

Hermetically Sealed construction. (CRCA or SS)

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Capacitor Duty Contactors

Capacitor Duty Contactors

Rs 1,000  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Product Brochure

Rated Insulation Voltage380V 480V 680V AC
Auxiliary Contacts1/1 NO/NC
Output Range12.5 - 100 KVAr
Voltage Range400 - 690 V
TypeAC Contractor
When a capacitor is switched to an AC voltage, the result is a resonant circuit damped to a greater or lesser degree. The switching of capacitors can cause high inrush currents, particularly when they are switched in parallel to others already activated in the power line, and if high short-circuit powers are present on the line. Capacitor contactors with damping resistors make use of pre-switching auxiliary contacts. They close before the main contacts and pre-load the capacitor thus avoiding current peak values. This influences positively the life expectancy of the capacitor significantly in addition to the positive impact on the power quality (avoiding transients and voltage sags that otherwise may be caused by switching in capacitors).

The capacitor duty contactors are offered in two versions, viz
  • Standard series 
  • Premium series (imported)

  • Damping of inrush current in low-voltage PFC systems
  • For PFC systems with and without reactors

  • Excellent damping of inrush current
  • Improved power quality (e.g. avoidance of voltage sags)
  • Longer useful service life of main contacts of capacitor contactor
  • Soft switching of capacitor and thus longer useful service life
  • Enhanced mean life expectancy of PFC system
  • Reduced ohmic losses
  • Leading contacts with wiper function
  • Tamper-proof and protected resistors
  • Easy access for cable connection
  • Series J230 / C240 for all PFC systems
  • AC6b utilization category

  • UL file E224924 NLDX and NLDX 7 for J series
  • UL file E334934 NLDX and NLDX 7 for C series

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Phicap Capacitors

Phicap Capacitors

Rs 180  / PieceGet Best Price

Product Brochure

CoolingNatural or forced
ImpregnationSemi-dry Biodegradable Resin
Power1.0....30 KVAr
Life ExpectancyUp to 115 000 Hours
Voltage Range415 to 800 V

We have highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of Phicap Capacitors.

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Square Cap Capacitor

Square Cap Capacitor

Price on Request
Frequency50 Hz
ImpregnationNon-PCB, semi-dry biodegradable resin
Power1...50.0 KVAr
Life ExpectancyUp to 100 000 hours
Voltage Range415 - 440 V
Inrush Current200 A
We are offering Square Cap Capacitor to our client.

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entes Power Capacitors

entes Power Capacitors

Rs 170  / PieceGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 01 Piece

Usage/ApplicationAPFC PANELS
Capacitor TypeGAS FILLED
Mounting TypePanel Mount

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: READY STOCK

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  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
  • Power Capacitor
Power Capacitor

Power Capacitor

Rs 625  / KVARGet Best Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 KVAR

Product Brochure

PhaseSingle Phase

As per the needs and requirements of our clients, we are involved in providing Low tension Capacitor.

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