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Power Factor Controllers

Offering you a complete choice of products which include br 7000 automatic power factor controller, automatic power factor controllers, br 5000 compact power factor controller, br 4000 automatic power factor controller, br 6000 power factor controllers and power factor controller.
BR 7000 Automatic Power Factor Controller

BR 7000 Automatic Power Factor Controller

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

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Operating Voltage110 - 230 V AC
Dimension144x144 mm
Power ConsumptionLess than 3 VA
Weight Approximate2kg
Measurement Voltage Range3 x 30, 440 V AC (L-N) / 50, 760 V AC (L-L)
Measuring Current3 x X1A / X5A
Fundamental Frequency50 and 60 Hz
Operating Ambient Temperature-20 - 60deg C
The PF controller BR7000* is a folllow-up development of the PF controller BR6000-series, featuring two devices in one: it can be used as a controller as well as a grid measuring tool. The BR7000 offers 15 relay outputs for the steps and three message/ alarm relays. Due to the possibility of programming, the 15 outputs can be used for a broad range of application, for example.
  • 15 conventional steps, each for one three-phase capacitor
  • 15 steps for single-phase capacitors, where each output will switch a single-phase capacitor to N (usually 5 per phase, balancing of grid is possible)
  • Mixed operation: 6 single-phase capacitors (2 per phase) for balancing plus 9 steps for conventional compensation (three-phase capacitors)

The controller can be connected to a PC via an RS485 interface. The Windows-based software BR7000-SOFT allows the readout of acquired data. The possibility of graphical display of all values offers a comfortable visualization.

  • LCD full graphic display 128 x 64 dots, 8 lines
  • Self explanatory menu navigation in five languages

Three-phase measuring and controlling; display of following grid parameters:
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Real power
  • Reactive power
  • Apparent power
  • Power factor
  • Missing reactive power
  • Harmonic of voltage and current (up to 31st)
  • THD-V
  • THD-I
  • Temperature
  • HELP-button for interactive help text
  • 15 switching outputs
  • 3 additional alarm/message relays
  • 2 isolated interfaces
  • Detailed error messages with time stamp
  • Automatic initialization/test run
  • Automatic and manual operation, service operation, expert mode
  • Three-phase and single-phase controlling; mixed mode possible
  • Display and storage of maximum values, switching operations and operating time
  • Display of date and time
  • Time-controlled functions possible by internal timer
  • Oscilloscope mode for graphical display
  • Quick programming

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: BR7000

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Automatic Power Factor Controllers

Automatic Power Factor Controllers

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

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Accuracy1% +- 1digit in 0.7 lag to 0.8 lead
Dimension144x144 mm
Current Input5A / IA from CT secondary (Field selectable)
Rated Frequency50 Hz +- 2.5%
Weight Approximate2kg
Voltage Input240V AC +- 15%, 50 Hz.
PF Display Range2% +- 1digit in other ranges
Accuracy of Other Parameters2% +- I digit (Voltage and Current)
Target PF Setting0.7 lag to 0.9 lead

Reactive power manager relay (model rpm-14) is designed for automatic control of capacitor banks in 3 phase 4 wire lt distribution systems. The relay maintains the system power factor at a set value, under fluctuating load conditions, by connecting or disconnecting capacitor banks to the 415v bus. The relay employs state of the art micro controller design for measurement of reactive power compensation required, system power factor, voltage and current. A specially formulated optimization program for capacitor bank switching ensures accurate power factor control at the set point and hunt free operation.

Salient Features:

  • Micro controller based design
  • Effective pf control
  • Auto/ manual operation
  • Suitable for non-uniform bank
  • Automatic c/k selection
  • Optimisation of connected banks
  • Hunt free operation
  • Measurement sensitivity of 1%
  • Multi parameter front panel digital display of pf, kvar, current & capacitor values.
  • Alarms for 5 abnormal condition

L&T offers you a wide range of Power factor Correction Relays suitable for all standard applications. Their intelligent adjustment interface ensures balanced usage of capacitors based on the number of switching operations and the connection time of each step, thus ensuring long life for switchgear and capacitors.
  • Compact size (96 × 96 mm) in 3, 5, 7 steps version
  • Automatic recognition of current flow direction
  • Auto / Manual Control
  • Online display of PF, Voltage, Current, kVAr, capacitor overload and Panel temperature
  • Average weekly power factor measurement
  • Capacitor over-current and panel over-heating protection
  • No-voltage release protection function
  • Last two can be programmed for Capacitor switching / Alarm / Fan Control
  • Keypad locking function

Parameter Display:
  • PF, kVAR, Current, Voltage, Capacitor Bank Values, Target PF, CT Ratio, Alarm Condition (OvOL, OCPn, uCrr, Ctrv).

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    BR 5000 Compact Power Factor Controller

    BR 5000 Compact Power Factor Controller

    Rs 7,000  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Product Brochure

    Capacitor Steps8
    Dimension144x144 mm
    Humidity0 to 98%
    Step8 and 16 outputs
    Current Input1A or 5A
    Supply Voltage1Ph 415V AC (-40% to +20%)
    Measurement Voltage3Ph 3 wire 415V AC (-40% to +20%)
    Operating Temperature0A C to 70A C
    Storage Temperature-10deg C to +75deg C
    Supply Frequency45 Hz to 62 Hz

    The BR5000 controller series is intended to be used with unbalanced three phase loading conditions and to correct the power factor. The controller needs 3 Load CT inputs and corresponding voltages. The overall compensation is done on averaging basis. The controller is having ultra intelligent processor in built. It covers almost all the electrical parameters to be displayed and monitored.

    The three versions of BR5000 Controller are:

    • BR5000 – 16 for contactor switching logic for slow varying loads
    • BR5000 – 16TX for rapidly changing loading conditions (Option for GSM communication available)
    • BR5000 – HT for High tension upto 33kV sensing of power factors and correction. Version available in 8/16 steps.


    • Microcontroller logic for measurements
    • Control mode: Binary, unequal,
    • Preset and user defined
    • Multifunctional LCD display
    • Three CT sensing for unbalanced loads
    • Dual target Power Factor settinguseful for utility and DG mode operation
    • Automatic synchronization possible
    • Separate 3 CT monitoring of healthiness of capacitor within panel
    • Data logging
    • RS 232 in front and RS 232/485 switchable connection at rear
    • Step operation indication on LCD display plus LED which facilitates viewing from a distance
    • Unique facility of including ‘Fixed
    • Capacitor Bank’ for purpose of
    • Transformer compensation. This can be set such that the controller doesn’t ‘see’ this capacitor
    • Unique external temperature
    • Settable alarm facility - undervoltage, overvoltage and so on
    • Settable auxiliary outputs - 2 Nos for Alarm, etc.
    • Auxilary input -1 No
    • EMI/EMC type tested
    • Individual Harmonic measurement Upto 15th

    Protection Warning:

    • Over / under voltage
    • Capacitor over / under current Over / under frequency
    • Load unbalance
    • Over temperature
    • Out of steps (Indication)
    • NV-Ram battery down

    Important display parameters:

    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Active power
    • Reactive power
    • Apparent power
    • Capacitor current
    • Per phase values of V, I and neutral current
    • Power factor
    • Frequency
    • VTHD
    • ITHD

    Additional Information:

    • Item Code: BR5000

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    BR 4000 Automatic Power Factor Controller

    BR 4000 Automatic Power Factor Controller

    Rs 7,500  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Product Brochure

    Humidity-0 to 98%
    Measurement Voltage1PH 230 VAC (-25% to +20%)
    Current Input Selectable1A or 5A for load with class 2 accuracy
    Auxiliary Supply1Ph, 230V (-25% to +20%)
    Steps4 and 8 relay outputs
    Supply Frequency-47 Hz to 53 Hz
    Operating Temperature0 to 50 deg C
    Storage Temperature5 to 65 deg C
    The BR4000 controller series is the most economical series and intended to serve the basic purpose of power factor corrections... The simplest menu driven version controller with navigational keys. The microcontroller based logic, multifunctional display of electrical parameters, compact size 96 x 96 mm and protections makes this controller extremely user friendly. BR4000 Controller series is available in 4 stages and 8 stages. Best suited with conventional APFC applications.

    • Microcontroller logic for measurements
    • User friendly operation
    • Control mode: binary, unequal,
    • Preset and User defined
    • Multifunctional LCD display
    • Single CT sensing for unbalanced loads
    • Compact 96X96 mm front fascia
    • Suitable for auto / manual operation
    • Individual harmonic measurement upto 15 th

    Protection Warning:
    • Over / under voltage
    • Over / under load
    • Over temperature
    • User friendly operation

    Important display parameters:
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Active power
    • Reactive power
    • Apparent power
    • Frequency
    • VTHD
    • ITHD

    Additional Information:

    • Item Code: BR4000

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    BR 6000 Power Factor Controllers

    BR 6000 Power Factor Controllers

    Rs 7,500  / PieceGet Best Price

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

    Product Brochure

    Dimension144x144 mm
    Weight Approximate2
    Step6 and 12 outputs (in both relay and transistorised versions)
    Current Input1A or 5A
    Supply Voltage1Ph - 230V AC
    Measurement Voltage1Ph 30V - 525V Ac (L-N) or (L-L)
    Operating Temperature-20A C to 60A C
    Controllers for PFC are of major importance in the PFC system. They measure the actual power factor and connect or disconnect capacitor stages to achieve a specific desired value (cos j). The PF controller series and BR6000 (six and twelve stages) offer highly intelligent control behavior and are very user-friendly thanks to menu-driven handling (plain language). Their multifunctional display greatly simplifies installation, handling and maintenance. Different versions of the BR6000 series provide solutions to various applications:
    • BR6000-R6 and BR6000-R12 for conventional applications with slowly changing loads (optionally with RS485 interface)
    • BR6000-T6 and BR6000-T12 for dynamic PFC in applications with fast-changing loads

    • Large and multifunctional LCD (2 x 16 characters)
    • Graphic and alphanumeric LCD illumination
    • Intelligent control
    • Menu-driven handling (plain language)
    • Self-optimizing control capability
    • Recall function of recorded values
    • Four-quadrant operation (e.g. stand-by generator)
    • Large measuring voltage range
    • Powerful alarm output

    Display of numerous of system parameters:
    • System voltage (V AC)
    • Reactive power (KVAr)
    • Active power (kW)
    • Frequency
    • THD-V, THD-I
    • Individual harmonics up to 19th*
    • Monitoring of individual capacitor currents
    • Apparent power (KVA)
    • Apparent current (A)
    • Temperature (deg C)
    • Real-time cos phi
    • Target cos phi
    • KVAr value to target cosphi

    Alarm Output:
    • Insufficient compensation
    • Overcompensation
    • Undercurrent
    • Overcurrent
    • Overtemperature
    • Harmonics exceeded
    • Threshold value programmable
    • Internal error storage
    • Programming of 2nd signal relay random
    • Undervoltage and overvoltage

    Recall recorded values:
    • Number of contactor switching operations
    • Maximum voltage V (Vmax)
    • Maximum reactive power,Q (KVAr)
    • Maximum value of harmonic
    • Maximum active power,P (kW)
    • Maximum apparent power,S (KVA)
    • Maximum temperature (°C)
    • Operation time of all capacitors
    • Complete 2nd parameter set available
    • Automatic initialization
    • Dynamic PFC (transistor output)
    • Thyristor switching

    Dual target power factor setting:
    • (EB and DG) is available in selected models

    • Discharge time: Make sure that the discharge time set in controller matches the capacitor discharge time. See page 84
    • Number of switchings: LV PFC capacitors according to standard IEC 60831 are designed for up to 5000 switching operations. Make sure that 5000 switching operations per year are not exceeded.

        Additional Information:

        • Item Code: BR6000

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        Power Factor Controller

        Power Factor Controller

        Rs 8,000  / PieceGet Best Price

        Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

        Product Brochure

        Capacitor Steps6
        Dimension144x144 mm
        Current Input1A or 5A (RMS)
        Digit Display Size3
        Ip Rating20
        Measuring systemMicro-processor system for balanced three-phase networks or single-phase networks
        Relative HumidityMaximum 95%, non-condensing
        StandardsCE marked.
        Starting Current Setting (C/K)0.01 to 3A. automatic measurment of C/k.
        Voltage Tolerance+/- 10% on Indicated Operating Voltages
        Frequency Range50 or 60 Hz +/- 5% (Automatic Adjustment to Network Frequency)
        Measuring circuit terminals (L2, L3 and k, I)CAT III Rated
        Current Input ImpedanceLess than 0.1 Ohm (recommended CT class 1.0, 10 VA min).
        Consumption Of The Controller8 VA max.
        Power Factor SettingFrom 0.7 inductive to 0.7 capacitive
        Switching Time Between StepsProgrammable from 1s to 999s (independent of reactive load).
        Storage Temperature- 30dig C to 85dig C.
        Switching SequencesUser defined.
        Mode Of SwitchingThe mode of switching for all the programmable switching sequences is integral, direct, circular or
        Saving-FunctionAll programmed parameters and modes are saved in a non-volatile memory.
        Power Outage ReleaseQuick automatic disconnection in less than 20ms (50Hz) in case of power outage or voltage drop.
        Power Outage Reset Delay Time40 s.
        Operating Temperature-10dig C to 70dig C.
        Mounting PositionVertical panel mounting.
        Operating voltage100V to 440V
        Dimensions144x144x43 mm (hxwxd).
        Cut-Out Dimensions138x138 mm (hxw).
        Weight0.4 kg (unpacked).
        ConnectorSpring clamp terminal block.
        Front Plate ProtectionIP43.
        RVC has become synonymous with automatic capacitor bank controller in many markets worldwide thanks to its distinct design, ease of use, reliability and versatile functions. Thanks to the user interface upgrade with graphical icons, it is possible to commission the RVC without a manual. A slimmer casing requires less space in the capacitor bank panel. The RVC is an easy-to-install, easy to use, smarter power factor controller and an ideal companion of your automatic capacitor banks.

        Powerful Features:
        • Common range for a broad network voltages from 100V to
        • 440V.
        • Measurement and display of key parameters like voltage,
        • current, power factor, THDV and THDI.
        • Fully programmable switching sequence.
        • 1A or 5A current input.
        • Easy commissioning.
        • Complete auto set-up (starting current-C/k, type of switching sequence, phase shift, special connections).
        • Easy to use thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen interface and ease of access to parameters for manual setting.
        • Highly efficient switching strategy combining integral, direct and circular switching thereby allowing to control the cos j in presence of rapidly varying loads, to reduce the number of switching, to avoid unnecessary intermediary switchings, to increase the lifetime of the capacitors and contactors.
        • Suitable for hot environments due to maximum ambientm temperature rating of 70 DegreeC.
        • Not affected by harmonics.
        • Overvoltage / undervoltage protection and protections against harmonic distortion (THDV).
        • Alarm an alarm contact is opened when any of these conditions are reached the target cos j is not reached within 6 minutes after all outputs have been switched on, the internal temperature of the RVC rises above 85 DegreeC, overvoltage / undervoltage limits are reached, the power supply is out of range, the THDV exceeds the limits.


        Programmable Parameters

        • Target Power Factor (cos j)
        • Phase shift (for special connections)
        • C/k (starting current)
        • Switching delay times
        • Switching sequence
        • Additional features
        • Switching strategy (linear or circular)
        • Regenerative cos j (target cos j when the load re-inject power on the network)


        Easy commissioning with automatic recognition of

        • Special connections (single-phase,
        • CT leads)
        • Number of outputs
        • Type of switching sequence


        Technical Details:

        Output contact rating

        • max. continuous current 1.5A;
        • max. peak current 5 A;
        • max. voltage 440Vac;
        • terminal A is rated for a continuous current of 16A.

        Alarm contact:

        • normally open contact;
        • max. continuous current 5 A;
        • rated/max. breaking voltage 250Vac/440 Vac.

        Number of outputs:

        • RVC-3 programmable up to 3 outputs - RVC-6 programmable up to 6 outputs
        • RVC-8 programmable up to 8 outputs - RVC-10 programmable up to 10 outputs
        • RVC-12 programmable up to 12 outputs

        Article numbers for ordering:

        • RVC-3 2GCA294983A0050
        • RVC-6 2GCA294984A0050
        • RVC-8 2GCA294985A0050
        • RVC-10 2GCA294986A0050
        • RVC-12 2GCA294987A0050

        Other Features:

        • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection.
        • Autoadaptation to the phase-rotation of the network and the CT-terminals.
        • Not affected by harmonics.
        • Working with generative and regenerative loads.
        • LCD contrast automatically compensated with temperature.

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        Automatic Power Factor Control Relay

        Automatic Power Factor Control Relay

        Price on Request
        Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
        Voltage300V to 470V
        Frequency50 Hz
        Pack TypeCarton Box
        We are offering Automatic Power Factor Control Relay to our clients at reasonable price.

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