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We are a leading Wholesale Trader of clmd power capacitor from Mumbai, India.
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
  • CLMD  Power Capacitor
CLMD  Power Capacitor

CLMD Power Capacitor

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Product Brochure

TerminalsCLMD13 Three M6 Terminals.
Voltage Rating220 to 1000 V
AltitudeUp to 1000 m
ColorBeige RAL 7032.
ConnectionThree-phase as standard construction (single-phase on request)
Frequency50 and 60 Hz
WeightCLMD13 approximately 2.5 kg.
ExecutionExecution Indoor (outdoor on request).
Cable InputCLMD13 22.5 mm.
Lightning Impulse Voltage TestCLMD13-43-53-63-83 15kV.,CLMD33S 8kV.
Losses (discharge resistors included)Less than 0.5 Watt/kvar for 380 V rated voltage and above.
Case MaterialZinc electroplated mild steel.
Minimum Distance Between UnitsCLMD13-33S 20 mm (25 mm for units Greater than 30 kvar).,CLMD43-53-63-83 50 mm.
Minimum Ambient TemperatureIndoor type -25digC.,Outdoor type -40dig C.
ProtectionCLMD33S IP40.,CLMD13-43-53-63-83 IP 42 (IP 54 on request).
Maximum Permissible Current1.3 x In for continuous operation.
Maximum Ambient TemperatureClass,,D" (+55dig C) according to IEC 60831
FixingCLMD43-53-63-83 with two slots 26 X 12 mm.
Voltage TestBetween terminals 2.15 Un for 10 seconds.
Tolerance On Voltage30% for maximum 1 minute (according to IEC 60831).
Tolerance on Capacitance0 % + 10 %.
EarthCLMD13-33S Earth connection on the enclosure fixation.
Minimum Distance Between Units And WallCLMD13-33 20 mm (25 mm for units Greater than 30 kvar).,CLMD43-53-63-83 50 mm.
Net Output PowerFrom 3.3 to 120 kvar
Voltage RangeFrom 220 to 1000 V
CLMD Construction:
  • The CLMD capacitor consists of a number of wound elements made with a dielectric of metallized polypropylene film. These dry windings are provided with a sequential disconnector ensuring that each element can be reliably and selectively disconnected from the circuit at the end of its life.
  • The capacitor elements receive a treatment under vacuum in order to ensure perfect electrical characteristics. Each winding is placed in a plastic case and encapsulated in thermo-setting resin in order to obtain a perfectly sealed element.
  • The elements are placed inside a sheet steel box and connected in such a way as to supply the single or three-phase power at the required voltage and frequency
  • The sheet steel box is filled with inorganic, inert and fire proof granules in order to absorb the energy produced or to extinguish any flames in case of a possible defect at the end of an element’s life. The CLMD is also provided with thermal equalizers to ensure effective heat dissipation.

High Performance In-House Metallized Film:
ABB’s completely integrated manufacturing process has resulted
in the development of the special ABB high-performance film of
which all ABB LV capacitors benefit:
  • High breakdown strength
  • Excellent peak current handling capability
  • High capacitance stability
  • Optimal self healing design
  • Long life

Dry Type Design:
The CLMD has a dry type dielectric and therefore cannot give any
risk of leakage or pollution of the environment.

Very Low Losses:
Dielectric losses are less than 0.2 Watt per kvar. Total losses,
including discharge resistors, are less than 0.5 Watt per kvar.

Long Life - Self-Healing:
  • In the event of a fault developing in the dielectric of the capacitor, the metallized electrode adjacent to the fault is immediately vaporized, thus insolating the fault. The capacitor then continues normal operation.


Fire Protection:

  • All capacitor elements within the CLMD capacitor are surrounded by vermiculite which is an inorganic, inert, fire proof and non toxic granular material. In the event of any failure the vermiculite absorbs safely the energy produced within the capacitor box and extinguishes any possible flames.


Unique Protection System:

  • A unique Sequential Protection System ensures that each individual element can be disconnected from the circuit at the end of its life.


Easy To Install - Light Weight:

  • The CLMD capacitor is very lightweight and therefore presents no
    handling difficulties during installation.


High Reliability:

  • The CLMD capacitor complies with the requirements of IEC
    60831-1 & 2. The use of robust terminals removes the risk
    of damage during installation and reduces maintenance



  • Thermal equalizers are fitted to surround each capacitor element and provide effective heat dissipation. The CLMD capacitor is equipped with discharge resistors.


ISO 9001:

  • Our ISO 9001 Quality System registration provides the strongest assurance of our product quality.


ISO 14001:

The CLMD capacitor has a dry type dielectric and is free from liquids or other impregnating agents. It has been designed for environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our ISO 14001 certification guarantees our commitment to the environment.


Modular - CLMD 13:

  • The CLMD 13 is designed to make an easy parallel connection of capacitor units.

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